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One More Reason to Stop

If you're a smoker, the single biggest thing you can do for your health is stop. You already know this.

But does smoking influence your blood pressure? Surprisingly - in the longer term - the answer seems to be "No". Perhaps it's because smokers tend to be less overweight.

In the short-term, however, the news is not so benign. One cigarette can markedly increase your blood pressure. The nicotine from one puff will increase your heart rate, narrow your arteries and elevate your blood pressure. Your blood will be more likely to clot and your heart will be under more stress - so you're more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack.

If you're a smoker, try using the tellbeth application to keep you honest about how many cigarettes you're smoking. Take a snap of every cigarette you finish and include the surroundings. Say "my last cigarette" to the app. Then search for and review those snaps weekly. All those images will teach you plenty about why you smoke - and they may just help you to stop.



Quit Smoking for Your Heart's Sake

Quit Smoking for Your Heart's Sake

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