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Sugar Increases Blood Pressure

Some researchers believe that sugar may be a greater cause of hypertension than salt!

The mechanism is unclear. It may be because insulin elevates blood pressure. It may be because the fructose in sugar increases the uric acid in blood, which in turn constricts blood vessels. Certainly there's a link between sugar and metabolic syndrome - a collection of disorders that includes hypertension.

Whatever the mechanism, cutting down on dietary sugar could make a big difference to your blood pressure. These two steps will go a long way towards reducing your intake:

  • Avoid processed foods. They almost always have added sugar. Fresh is best.
  • Avoid sweetened beverages like soft drinks and sodas. Even juices are high in sugar.

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Sugar vs Salt: Who is the real hypertension culprit?

Sugar vs Salt: Who is the real hypertension culprit?

An article from Forbes Magazine that discusses this contentious issue.